CMcadeiras is located in Rebordosa, Paredes, a region with a strong tradition in the furniture industry. The origins of the company date back to the 40s when mr. Manuel Campos founded Campos & Sons (now called Ducampus), a high-end furniture company. Given the demand, in August 1990, the partners of Campos & Sons decided to create a new company dedicated exclusively to the manufacture of wooden chairs, and so, CMcadeiras was born.



To achieve national leadership in the chair manufacturing business.



To provide our clients with world-class, modern, functional and durable wooden chairs at affordable prices.


Quality Company


In order to be used, the wood must have its humidity between 10% and 14%. Only a company with a great amount of raw material and a large enough drying area can guarantee these parameters.


A chair's safety can be verified by looking underneath it. These triangular pieces (corner blocks) provide the chair security and increased lifetime by preventing its components from falling apart. A double cut tenon system facilitates the corner blocks assembly and guarantees they're always in place. Always check and compare the size of the corner blocks.


CNC technology guarantees the highest precision imaginable. This way we can ensure all chairs are produced exactly how we intended.

Final Test

By placing the chair on a completely flat surface and by checking if all four feet touch the ground we can verify if something went wrong during the production process. Another way to see if the chair is comfortable and safe is by simply sitting on it.


During its lifetime, a tree is subjected to weather damage, which can cause cracks and fissures in the wood. Only through a careful selection can we prevent these kinds of damages from showing in the final product. We always check for any kind of flaw in the chair that could compromise its stability and durability.


The tenon is the element that allows a safe junction between two components. All of our tenons have double grooves so that the glue doesn't get deposited at the bottom of the hole.


Only by using high quality foams can we obtain a homogeneous and comfortable finished product.






    ISO 9001 certified company.


PEFC Certification


Thanks to our PEFC certification we are now a company invested in promoting
sustainable forest management.


Cadeiras Campos Movel S.A.

Cadeiras Campos Movel S.A.
Rua Zona Industrial, 348
4585-538 Rebordosa


+351 224 156 509

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