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Attractive and zeitgeist spring to mind – undoubtedly one of the first things to strike you when you look at a Lloyd Loom armchair. But you might not suspect there is a rich history behind these sofas and chairs. And yet, the roots of the Lloyd Loom chair go back to 1917! But that’s not all... Lloyd Loom furniture carries a well-kept secret.


Wicker strollers and prams were one of Marshall’s development areas and although they were very popular in the beginning of the 20th century, they were also slow to produce and thus expensive. Furthermore, the rattan wicker would break now and again and wasn’t exactly a soft and comfortable material, especially for strollers. Marshall Burns Lloyd set out to create a weave which was not only stronger than rattan, but also looked better and had a much softer feel to it, to make the material very tactile.


In 1921, Marshall B. Lloyd sold his patent to the English furniture manufacturer William Lusty, who started to use Lloyd Loom in an original manner to create a collection of typical English furniture. The characteristic Lloyd Loom chairs were soon all the rage in Europe, too. At the height of its popularity, in the 1930s, Lloyd Loom furniture could be found in hotels, restaurants and tea rooms, as well as aboard zeppelins, cruise liners and at the tennis venues of Wimbledon and Roland Garros.


In the 1940’s Europe was in turmoil and the factory in East London was hit in an air raid and destroyed. Fortunately it was a Saturday and no-one was injured but nonetheless this meant the end of large scale Lloyd Loom furniture manufacture in England. 
In the years that followed the characteristic Lloyd Loom chairs never lost their appeal and the iconic furniture remained popular among people ‘in the know’. 
In England, Lloyd Loom furniture often turns up for sale at fine auctions. Even after decades of daily use, the lacquered strong woven paper retains its fine appearance, and it has made this furniture to collector’s items.


In 1992 the Belgian company Vincent Sheppard decided to pick up the thread of this remarkable tradition and craftsmanship. Vincent Sheppard created a dazzling collection of contemporary furniture that blended classic lines with elegant innovation. The success was immense.


Vincent Sheppard continues to stay true to the tradition of Lloyd Loom by continuously reinterpreting the legacy of woven paper furniture. It has been said that Vincent Sheppard reinvented Lloyd Loom by introducing imaginative designs that combine tradition and modernity.
Through the years Vincent Sheppard has become a distinctively global brand.


Today you will find Vincent Sheppard furniture in restaurants and hotels from Hong Kong to Hawaii, Sri Lanka to the South Pacific, Portugal to Poland, GB to Greece, Switzerland to Sweden, Belgium to Bahrain and the golf clubs of France, Morocco, Portugal and numerous other locations. It goes without saying that Vincent Sheppard is the world leader in the production of Lloyd Loom furniture.


To complement the traditional Vincent Sheppard Lloyd Loom collection, two new brands are launched: Vincent’s Garden and Atelier N/7. 
Discover the authentic outdoors in Vincent's Garden. It stands for ‘dolce far niente’ with an All Weather Outdoor Collection of elegance and cosiness. 
Also visit the Vincent Sheppard design laboratory Atelier N/7 where avant-garde design is blended with natural materials and traditional seating comfort.

1917 Marshall Burns Lloyd invented an entirely new paper weave, now called “Lloyd Loom”.

1919 First Lloyd Loom objects were baby carriages.

1922 A London merchant, William Lusty, applied for the UK patent.

1929 The Royal box of Twickenham rugby stadium was furnished with Lloyd Loom chairs from 1929 to1988.

1935 Interior view of the airship R100 furnished
with extra wide Lloyd Loom seats to allow
passengers to sit in comfort whilst wearing
their overcoats, as airships were poorly heated.

1940 Disaster struck. An air raid meant the end of the first large scale Lloyd Loom furniture manufacture.

1956 Marilyn Monroe with her husband Arthur Miller on a Lloyd Loom chair in London Airport.

1992 Establishment of an import business of Lloyd Loom furniture, named Vincent Sheppard.

1995 Vincent Sheppard builds a Lloyd Loom factory in Cirebon, Indonesia.

2002 Development of an outdoor collection produced with special treated Lloyd Loom.

2006 The production plant in Indonesia is
extended to occupy over 20,000sqm
with a skilled workforce of 390 people
and 3 state of the art weaving machines.

2010 Vincent Sheppard opens an upholstery workshop. All Vincent Sheppard Deluxe chairs are upholstered using
the time honoured skills and finest materials.

2011 Rattan is making a comeback.
Vincent Sheppard creates new elegant rattan
seating, combining craftsmanship, modern
design and legendary seating comfort.

2013 Vincent Sheppard is certified by the Forest Sterwardship Council, a symbol of environmental, social and economic sustainability. A great reward for their efforts in creating comfortable, stylish and eco-friendly furniture!


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