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YATAŞ - Home & Hotel Mattresses - TÜRKİYE - Baby Series
YATAŞ - Home & Hotel Mattresses - TÜRKİYE - Baby Series
YATAŞ - Home & Hotel Mattresses - TÜRKİYE - Baby Series
YATAŞ - Home & Hotel Mattresses - TÜRKİYE - Baby Series
YATAŞ - Home & Hotel Mattresses - TÜRKİYE - Baby Series
YATAŞ - Home & Hotel Mattresses - TÜRKİYE - Baby Series
YATAŞ - Home & Hotel Mattresses - TÜRKİYE - Baby Series
YATAŞ - Home & Hotel Mattresses - TÜRKİYE - Baby Series
YATAŞ - Home & Hotel Mattresses - TÜRKİYE - Baby Series

YATAŞ - Home & Hotel Mattresses - TÜRKİYE

History ;

Süntaş Inc. was founded in 1976, becoming the first foam factory of Anatolia, Turkey and underlying the origin of Yataş. In 1979, facility-related investments were increased and our company started to produce first sponge mattresses along with sponge. Later on, our brand confidence was enhanced through a rich understanding of services and quality along with a continuous expansion of our product range including production of spring mattresses in 1981, home textile products in 1987, sofabed and living room sets in 1993.
Yataş has adopted customer satisfaction as its core principle; and has committed itself to reflecting the latest innovations in its products by following world trends and newest developments; and providing its customers with the best of services to procure long term relations while presenting high-quality products to its customers. Yataş will continue breaking new grounds in its field to preserve its leadership within the sectors of mattresses, home textiles, furniture and living room sets as a young and dynamic company that holds an advancing technology and a daily-increasing capacity. Through a changed and renovated understanging of retail, Yataş has transferred to two distinct types in retail structuring. Yataş is presenting top-quality shopping experience to its customers through these two retail types, where mattress and furniture expertise has been combined with a modern vision of retail. Yataş has been selected as Turkey’s “Super Brand” in 2010 by Superbrands, which is an independent arbiter on branding, operating in 48 countries worldwide; and Yataş continues to expand world-wide through its quality, innovative and functional design patterns every year.

New Grounds Our company started retailing system in 1988, for the first time in Turkey; and became the first company to go public within its sector in 1996. Visco Therapy mattresses and pillows are produced by closed cell Viscoelastic Memory Foam Technology that has resulted from Space Technology developed by NASA. Yataş is also authorized with selling Dacron products. Wool padding on winter sides of Yataş mattresses are  %100 Woolmark®. Yataş is, again, the only company to use Woolmark® wool for its mattresses.



Yataş, which is taking firm steps towards becoming a global company through its daily improving technology and increasing quality; has covered significant ground in the adventure of opening up to foreign markets; and has reached the level of exporting to more than 45 countries. Yataş products, exported to USA, Cyprus, Romania, Syria, Netherlands, Libya, Morocco, Georgia, Iraq, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Yemen, Greece, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Maldives, Egypt, Germany, Hungary, Bulgaria, Russia and Romania, are sold under the name of globally known brands in Europe and America.



As one of the pioneers of its sector, Yataş continues to operate and serve within 92.000 m2 indoor area and 160.000 m2 outdoor area; and factories in Kayseri and Ankara in addition to its more than 1400 employees and 400 points of sale. 
Yataş Inc. Kayseri (Mattress, Home Textile and Foam) Factory    
Indoor area: 47.200 m2 Outdoor area: 72.794 m2  Mattress capacity (annual): 360.000 pieces  Home textile capacity (annual): 636.000 pieces     Foam capacity (annual):  185.000 m3 
Yataş Inc. Kayseri (couch) Factory    Indoor area: 22.800 m2 Outdoor area: 7.079m2 Couch capacity (annual): 158.000 pieces
Yataş Inc. Ankara Factory  (Panel Furniture) Indoor area: 22.000 m2     Outdoor area: 80.000 m2  Modular Furniture capacity(annual): 24.000 groups


ISO 9001 Quality Policy
  • Providing the continuity of production and service quality; utilizing training and information resources for system development
  • Offering products and services in accordance with customer needs; mobilizing all resources to that end
  • Creating customer satisfaction through manufacturing of products and delivery of services as well as preserving its continuity; falling in line with ISO 9001 Quality Management System and providing continuous improvement of the system founded as part of these principles.
  • Complying with legal terms and regulations applied in Turkey and global markets, at all actions taken.
ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Policy
  • Adopting meeting our customers’ demands by providing customer satisfaction; and returning their positive or negative feedbacks at the earliest as core principle.
  • Making customer satisfaction the focus of all our working system. Considering legal and regulatory conditions; fiscal and institutional conditions in addition to customers’, employees’ and other parties’ input.
OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Policy 
  • Analysing risks in order to create a working environment where work health and safety are taken as basis; and reducing accident rates.
  • Utilizing resources for work health and safety; and providing training to employees about the issue
  • Providing continuous improvement of OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Policy by complying with legal and regulatory conditions.
  • Choosing materials according to work health and safety during selection of equipment, raw material and work machine.



Visco is, technically, a high-density, polyurethane based foam type with a low level of flexibility. It is also named as memory foam and viscoelastic foam since it regains its first shape after a longer period of time in case pressure is applied.  
It helps users sleep more comfortably by feeling less pressure; and makes them feel extra comfort in comparison to other mattresses. Visco foam’s pressure absorption feature creates a significant advantage in the prevention of bedsores for long-term hospital patients if compared to older mattress technologies.
The most important advantage of Visco foam, produced at Yataş’s own manifacturing facilities, is its high level of air transparency. It reduces heat accumulation between user and the bed as a result of this feature, decreasing the impact of perspiration at critical level.
Mattresses made of Visco foam, help the spine protect its natural curvature


İstanbul Head Office :
Cumhuriyet Mah. Kartal Cad. No: 31 Yakacık




+90 216 444 0987

+90 216 451 4949

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