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The Family of İşbir Holding

It was 35 years ago…
İŞBİR HOLDING was founded with an aim to transform small public savings into great investments. With its leading companies, it continues its productive activities in its manufacturing plants, an area totaling 350.000 square meters.
The İşbir family consists of 2.500 members from all ages and careers, who understand, listen, and lend a hand to people. Through today, each member of the İşbir family contributes to developing their individual companies and this contribution is handed down from one generation to the next. This transfer of experience pervades the field of technology as well as permeates the firm’s values.

The main philosophy of İşbir is to produce as much as possible and to cultivate better human beings.
We can explain one of our most important heritages as follows:
It is our values that carry us from the past to the future.
The past of the İşbir family companies is full of success stories won in the name of humanity. We owe this success to the respect of humanity and the transferring of information and experience to the next generation.
Today, the only difference from what the İşbir was 35 years ago is the expansion of our activity fields and bringing service to more people.

About Isbir Bedding

İşbir Bedding:  An Establishment of İşbir Holding
Established in 1968, İşbir Holding and its relative companies keeps manufacturing in its production facilities that spreads around 350.000 square meters. These other companies include: İşbir Synthetics and Textile Inc., İşbir Optics Inc., İşbir Marketing and Export Inc. and İşbir Foam Industries Inc., as well as İşbir Bedding and İşbir Agriculture Inc.
İşbir Bedding is an İşbir Holding establishment functioning under İşbir Foam Industries Inc. 
İşbir Bedding is the youngest investment in its field, as well as the only company that connects consumers with its producer Holding.
İşbir Holding, a visionary leader in all production fields, using the experience and know-how gathered from İşbir Foam Industries in 1999, has invested in the mattress sector with the motto of ‘Hi-Tech For Healthy And Comfortable Sleep.’ İşbir Bedding is the leader of this market, which has become more dynamic in recent years and has witnessed an increasing numbers of players. It is also the market leader in the A+, A- customer group.
Main Activities:
İşbir Bedding, focusing on quality and customer satisfaction when positioning the product and brand name, is the customer’s first choice in supreme technology and mattresses for those who care about their health and comfort.
Production and Export, the production groups are shown below:
  • Visco-elastic (Visco-elastic Memory Foam 75 – 85 – 100 and over Kilogram/ m3) Mattress,
  • Foam Mattress,
  • PU Latex Mattress,
  • Spring Mattress,
  • Twin Mattress,
  • Hospital Mattress,
  • Head Boards and Bed Bases,
  • Home Textile Products.
Production Plants:
İşbir Foam Industries and their production plants include:
  • The Ankara Plant, a closed area of 25.000 square meters, an open area of 45.000 square meters.
  • The İzmir Plant, a closed area of 25.000 square meters, an open area of 35.000 square meters.
  • The Mattress Factory, a closed area of 25.000 square meters, an open area of 35.000 square meters.
  • The Agriculture Plant, a closed area of 2.500 square meters, an open area of 10.000 square meters.
Quality Certificates:
  •  TSE (The Institute of Turkish Standards) ISO 9001:2000
  •  The Oeco-Tex Certificate
  •  The LGA Quality Certificate
  •  The RoHs Test
Number of Employees:
Personnel in Bedding & Foam Factory: 500
Total of Personnel in İşbir Holding: 3.000
İşbir Bedding manufactures 35%of total turnover from the İşbir Foam Industries Inc.
The 2010 fiscal turnover for İşbir Bedding Inc. is around 50.000.000. 15 % of this total is from exports.
İşbir Bediing products are sold under the title of “İşbir Bedding” in 25 foreign countries.
Countries exported to:
  • Switzerland,
  • Germany,
  • England,
  • France,
  • Russia,
  • Spain,
  • Holland,
  • Ireland,
  • Denmark,
  • Sweden,
  • Belgium,
  • Hungary,
  • Greece,
  • Israel,
  • Azerbaijan,
  • Kazakhstan,
  • Algeria,
  • Libya,
  • Morocco,
  • Saudi Arabia,
  • Egypt,
  • Sudan,
  • Iraq,
  • Iran,
  • Jordan,
  • United Arab Emirates,
  • Kuwait,
  • Mozambique.
  • K.K.T.C
  • India
  • Austria
  • Giorgia
  • Kenya
  • Umman
  • Çad
  • Türkmenistan
  • Kosova
  • Nigeria   
Vision & Mission
To be an industry leader in 10 years with our second brand, while strengthening our leadership with the upper segment.
To be one of the top 10 Turkish brands in the world in 10 years.

To contribute to healthy sleep, with high technology and by complying with international standards, by combining the latest technology in the world, with customer-focused production and service mentality.
Quality Policy
Eco-friendly İşbir Bedding That Takes Its Power from the Satisfaction of Its Customers and Employees…
  • To keep our leadership in the sector by adapting the ever-changing conditions of a challenging environment, without any compromises in the product and service quality.
  • To offer the fastest and most suitable solutions for our customers with product and service quality, as well as maintaining our customers’ satisfaction,
  • To provide optimum substructure and work environments for the happiness of our employees,
  • To be ecologically sensitive,
  • To continuously improve the efficiency of quality management through personnel participation.
For a livable future, we have turned the culture of perfection into a life style… and created a company that respects nature and human beings.



Did you know that an average person spends 25 years of his or her life in bed?
We do and we offer the technology for you to enjoy one-third of your life in health and comfort.
The cutting edge technology we use in our latest products has been certified by authorized certification institutes and laboratories both in Turkey and around the world.

viscostar-yogunluk-raporu ODTÜ
Visco-star Density Report

rohs-testi INTERTEK
The ROHS Testing – Sponge-related Products

OEKO-TEX Certificate

HEALTHGUARD™ Certificate

quallofil-allerban ISEGA

quallofil-allerban2 IFTH

vitamin-c DEÜ
Vitamin C Test Report

vitamin-ace HOHENSTEIN
Vitamin ACE Test Report

tse TSE
Certificate of Conformity to Turkish Standards

iso9000 TSE
ISO 9000 Belgesi

iso10002 TSE
ISO 10002 Belgesi

Gost R

akut AKUT
Teşekkür Belgesi

sosyal-medya-ve-tuketici Tüketici Akademisi
Social Media and Consumer

avrasya Avrasya Tüketicileri Koruma Derneği
Eurasia Quality Award Certificate

altin-marka Tüm Tüketicileri Koruma Derneği
Golden Brand Award Certificate

ab-kalite Tüketici Akademisi
2012 Avrupa Birliği Kalite Belgesi

dunya-kalite Kalite Belgesi
Dünya Kalite Zirvesi


Our gratitude to everyone, chiefly our customers who recommended us for this award…
İşbir Holding family is actually a team aimed to offer a quality life and follow this call like a road map. We strived not to step behind the times in every step we took. We are still doing so. We always closely follow the cutting edge technology in the world and never hesitate to bring the novelties into our sector when introducing our products, our vision, and our purpose. We, as İşbir Bedding, not only sold the right products to our customers but saw it a duty to raise awareness among them. The award we have taken today is the proof of our heading in the right direction. To sum up, we are excited, proud and full of enthusiasm for further work…
Metin Gültepe
İşbir Holding Inc. CEO
(From the award speech of 2nd Winner in the category of “Great Managements Production” in the 5th contest of “Anatolian Brand Names” organized this year by the magazines, namely Finansbank, Capital and Economist…)
İşbir Bedding has been found worthy of this award with its uncompromising and customer focused approach.

İşbir Bedding has been found worthy of this award
with its uncompromising and customer focused approach.


2010 – 2011 – 2012 and 2015

Consumer Quality Award


Best Company of the Year


World Quality Award


Most Fashionable Bed of Year Award


International Quality Award

2011 and 2012

Anatolian Success Award

2009 and 2011

EU Quality Award



Headquarters :
Balıkhisar Mah. Özkan Özgün Sok. No:752
Çubuk Ayrımı




+90 (312) 398 07 88 pbx

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