HAYAT HOLDING The foundations of Hayat Holding, a company which places importance on development and innovation, which is respectful of the environment and consumer rights, which defines its marketing, sales and services processes around a customer-oriented philosophy and is aware of its social responsibilities, were formed in  1937. Hayat Holding, a company which employs 9,300 employees, has international affiliations and is among the largest five hundred industrial companies in Turkey; is active in two main fields of activity with Kastamonu Entegre, which operates in the wood industry and Hayat Kimya, a company producing consumer products (Bingo, Test brand detergent and cleaning substances, Molfix and Molped brand diapers and hygienic pads, Papia, Familia and Teno brand cleaning paper products, and hygienic products).

Hayat Holding, which is also active in the fields of port operation, construction and aviation, has earned 2,1 billion USD in revenues in Turkey and 711 million USD abroad.
As Kastamonu Entegre we will continue to focus our future investments abroad in order to achieve sustainable growth and regional leadership.

For the past ten years we have been growing nonstop in the double digits. We have formed a senior management team that is based on consistency and trust. We have determined the right strategies and goals. We prioritized customer oriented growth and always succeeded. Among the many features that make Kastamonu Entegre distinctive, in addition to its corporate structure, is a fast, reliable, knowledgeable, innovative and qualified human resources.

The select human resources who focus on customer satisfaction, understand the needs of customers and can respond to these needs with the correct products and services, is just one of the features that distinguishes Kastamonu Entegre from its competitors. We see every employee as a family member carrying responsibilities. Today we are rapidly moving forward towards our goal of making our market share of 30% according to products groups in Turkey even larger and becoming the regional  leader.

With the new investments we have made we achieved a growth of 30% in 2012 to realize a turnover of 1.1 billion USD. As Kastamonu Entegre we will continue to focus our future investments abroad in order to achieve sustainable growth and regional leadership. The market in Turkey having reached a certain level of saturation and the limited wood raw material have also been  factors in our taking this direction. Our goal now will be to increase our market share in markets outside of Turkey and to develop the production and sales geography of our sector in order to grow. In the next six years 800 million dollars will be invested in an MDF, particle board and OSB facility in Russia, an MDF facility in Romania, an MDF facility in the Antalya-Denizli region of Turkey and an OSB facility in Bulgaria.
When all of these investments have been completed Kastamonu Entegre, with a 2 billion-dollar turnover and 6 million m3/year capacity, will become one of the top four companies of the sector in Europe and one of the three largest companies within the geography which extends from Romania to India. While our international operations had constituted only 25% of our consolidated turnover in 2011, once all of these investments are in place, more than 50% of our turnover will be generated from our operations outside of Turkey.

The goal for Kastamonu is not just a 74 million Turkish market but a market that includes all of the neighboring countries and surrounding geographies for a market with a population on 950 million. All we need is time to achieve these goals. We extend our endless gratitude to our esteemed Board of Directors, Chairman and members who have always trusted in us and expanded our horizons, to our colleagues who have made the greatest contributions towards our reaching these goals and becoming successful and to our valued customers who have never left our side and always given us their trust and support.

Kastamonu Entegre Ağaç San. ve Tic. A.Ş.

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