WINDY - Sofas & Mattresses & Bases - TURKEY

Şevketoğulları Furniture has been serving its customers since 1983.
We have been using WINDY trademark on more than 100 different designs shapedin accordance with market demand and consumer needs in our facilities larger than 10,000 m2.  Parallel to improvment in technologies, WINDY COLLECTION has been improving its technology, machinery, equipment and software continuously with the help of Total Quality System.  
WINDY COLLECTION reached out thousands of consumers with is high quality and low pricing policy which has a high volume demand in domestic and foreign markets. Our brand is known as in living room sets , sofas beds and bed bases in the industry. As of year 2001,
WINDY COLLECTION scores a 63% increase in export mainly to 33 countries led by the United States of America, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Greece, France, Germany, Switzerland, Lithuania, Egypt and Libya.
Having many stores selling its line of produst in Turkey,
WINDY COLLECTION will increase variety even more and will keep reaching out consumers with health consious and affordable furniture opportunities. As a part of Total Qualty System, WINDY COLLECTION will keep increasing quality in production and in the industry.


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