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Çilek was founded in Türkiye in 1995 as a 100% family company.
Çilek designs, manufactures and sells furniture and room accessories targeted for babies, kids and teens under the concept of ‘’Çilek Room’’ in its stores, creating a sales network all over the world.
Çilek now has more than 500 stores in 5 continents and 71 countries and aims to increase the number of its sales points to over 1,000 in the next 5 years.
Becoming a unique and unrivalled Turkish brand in its field of expertise.

Delivering the safest, most functional and economical items and setting the standards anytime, anywhere.


  • Over 30 years of experience,
  • Expert in the categories of baby, kids and teens rooms,
  • Adopted the principles of advanced child safety,
  • Created the perception of powerful, dynamic and entertaining brand,
  • Inspiring designs,
  • Employs high-tech and lean manufacturing,
  • Spread all over the world,
  • Has a team of experts experienced in the field,
  • Sensitive to both the society and the environment, and
  • Adds value to its business partners and enables them to earn. 

Muzaffer ÇİLEK

Safety and Security :

GS Çilek has GS Quality Certificate that is given by LGA in Germany for the products that are compatible with high safety and quality standards. GS that is the most advanced product safety and quality certificate a brand can have is recognized by all European countries and around the world. Çilek products are certified with GS after long and tough tests on various subjects as ergonomy, child safety, standards of the materials used and durability.
Çilek products designed and produced according to the advanced child safety standards are manufactured on German high-tech machines using anti-carcinogenic materials compatible with EU standards.
TSE E1 The products of Çilek that puts child safety and health before anything goes through maximum safety tests. Furnitures produced by Çilek according to the E1 standards have TSE E1 certificate that states they have no carcinogenic impact.

Other Certificates
Çilek that has all certificates necessary for safety as CE for electronic accessories, REACH certificate for cardboard materials used for packaging; also has compatibility report for the paint used in metal and plastic materials and side bands according to the RoHS Directive released by EU and EN 71-3 toxic element analysis. Çilek also has ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 management system certificates.

Awards & Achievements :

Young Leaders Award Goes To Talha Çilek! 
Çilek Board Member Talha Çilek is awarded with ‘Young Leaders Award’ within the context of Retail Sun Awards that has members from a wide range of forerunner brands in Türkiye, in consideration of his representation of the Çilek brand in Turkey and abroad with upmost success and his contributions to the retail world.

Europe Industrial Excellence Award
2nd Place in Turkey, We have been awarded 2nd place in the ‘ Industrial Excellence Awards’ organized by Koç University, WHU, INSEAD and other premier business management schools in Europe.

2014 Highest Number of Design Registration Award
Çilek is awarded as the first most successful İnegöl based Company with the highest number of design registration in 2014 in the İnegöl Furniture Stars Awards Ceremony held by İMOS (İnegöl Furniture Manufacturers Association)

2014 Export Award
Çilek is awarded as the first most successful İnegöl based Company with the highest export figures in 2014 in the İnegöl Furniture Stars Awards Ceremony held by İMOS (İnegöl Furniture Manufacturers Association)

Brand That Added Value to Bursa
Çilek is awarded as ‘Brand That Added Value to Bursa’ by one of the most important marketing publications of Türkiye; Marketing Türkiye; due to its contributions to the city as the brand that is first to create a catagory in the furtniture sector.

Productivity Project Award
In the 2015 Productivity Project Awards held by Science, Industry and Trade Ministry; Çilek is deemed worthy of this award in ‘Big Corporation Process Development’ catagory; by coming first within 193 biggest companies of Turkey with its Project on ‘Ensuring Production Process with the Kanban System’

2014 Company That Makes Customer Satisfaction Its Principle
Çilek is proud to be the first furniture company to win this award after 10 years. Some of the principles that carried Çilek to the award are; 5 Years warranty given free of charge in addition to the legal 2 years warranty, free of charge installation services, spare part guarantee for 10 years, working with specialized and well trained personel and implementation of advanced child security standards.

World Bank
The World Bank has registered Çilek as a Global Brand by stating it as an ‘Internationaly Known Brand’ in the Bank’s case study on globalisation.

İSMOB Design Competition
Çilek is placed first in the children room furniture catagory with its ‘First Class’ concept within the design comptetion held yearly in the biggest furniture fair of Turkey; ISMOB.

Most Favorite Brands in Turkey
Çilek is selected as the third most favorite furniture company by Capital Magazine in ‘Researh on the Most Favorite Companies in Türkiye’ that is made for 15th time in 2014.

Customer Complaint Management (Şikayetvar.com) Award
Çilek has won the award again this year by being chosen as ‘The Company that Perfectly Manages Customer Complaints’ as a result a long evalutaion made by sikayetvar.com (Türkiye’s number one customer complaint web site)

Innovation Award 
Çilek is the only brand that is deemed worthy of an award in “Innovation Lif Cycle” catagory within InovaLIG; the first innovation development programme in Türkiye.

İTSO Achievement Award 
The İnegöl Chamber of Industry and Commerce (İTSO) awarded Çilek with a plaque by virtue of the active role Çilek plays in introducing İnegöl furniture to the world.

The Most Favorite Commercial 
The advertising campaign ‘’Burada Bizim Sözümüz Geçecek’’ run by Çilek in 2004 was chosen as the Most Favorite Commercial in a survey conducted by hurriyet.com.tr on the most visited websites of Türkiye.

Super Brand Çilek
In 2005, Çilek became the first furniture brand in Türkiye to be awarded the status of “Superbrands” by Superbrands International.

Çilek, the Star of Export 
Çilek was granted by the Istanbul Exporters’ Association (İİB) the Stars of Export Special Award in 2006 in furniture export. Furthermore, Çilek was announced to be the most successful exporter for 2007 and the second most successful exporter for 2008-2011.

SME of the Year
Çilek was granted the SME of the Year 2007 Award within the scope of Think Marketing Awards granted to the most successful marketing ideas of Türkiye in the Marketingist Fair.

Turkey’s Most Admirable Company
On the list of Turkey’s Most Admirable Companies made annually by Capital Magazine, Çilek ranked first in the furniture industry for 2008.

An Anatolian Brand, Çilek
In the Anatolian Brands Competition led by Finansbank, Capital and Ekonomist, Çilek came in first in Large-Scale Enterprises of the Commercial Sector for the year of 2009.

Industrial Design Award
In 2011, Çilek ranked fifth in the category of Industrial Design within the scope of the Patent, Utility Model, Industrial Design and Brand Award Ceremony organized by the International Patent Association (UPB).

Export Award
Çilek was announced by the Istanbul Exporters’ Association to be the second most successful exporter for 2012 in the furniture industry.

ISMOB Best Stand Award
In the 6th IMOB Design Competition organized within the framework of Istanbul Furniture Exhibition IMOB, Çilek was granted the IMOB Best Stand Design Award for 2012 and came in third in the Teens Room Category with ‘’Kara Korsan’’.

Class A Customs Status 
Çilek Mobilya Sanayi ve Pazarlama Ticaret A.Ş. was awarded a plaque by the Ministry of Customs and Trade on March 7, 2013 on the grounds that Çilek had been certified by the Uludağ Regional Directorate of Customs and Trade as Class A approved entity and took advantage of simplified procedures in customs procedures and closely followed the latest developments.

400 Thousand Trees Project
As the main sponsor of “400 Thousand Trees”, a project organized by the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs, Çilek supported the project by donating young trees and was awarded with a plaque by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Traffic Safety Media Award
Prioritizing the safety of children, Çilek was granted the “Traffic Safety Media Award” thanks to its commercial that promotes the use of seat belt in the backseat.

Alfa Award
Çilek, that identifies customer satisfaction as its core principle, is placed FIRST within the furniture sector in the ALFA awards on Online Complaint Management that is held the first time in Türkiye.

Today, Çilek follows the path of becoming a global brand through a network of 500 outlets scattered over 71 countries in 5 continents.
Every month, trucks full of Çilek products bring children and rooms together to realize their dreams by driving a very long distance - enough to travel around the world – from Japan to Colombia, South Africa to Russia, United States to India. Being the roommate of more than 3 million children worldwide, Çilek has built recognition and reputation in many different countries, just like in Türkiye, and takes firm steps to become the market leader.

Soon after participating in Turquality, Çilek took several steps to restructure and improve its processes. Çilek received consultancy services, formed a Turquality project team, strengthened its infrastructure, prepared business plans and adopted a course of action. 
By adopting globally-known Kaizen System in its production process, Çilek switched to Lean Manufacturing and consequently increased its production performance. Investing in information technologies, Çilek commenced ERP practices. In addition, improving its business processes by means of consultancy services, Çilek initiated numerous corporate applications.

Çilek focused on the promotional, advertising and marketing activities of Turquality. Thanks to both material and moral support of Turquality, Çilek conducted marketing activities in many different countries and took considerable steps to increase brand recognition.

Çilek Furniture Co., Inc.

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