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We made Vannessa, a small enterprise workshop in 1999, a world-class furniture brand, without compromising our values, with successful actions we have taken in the light of the right strategies we have followed since that day. Adding value to your homes as Vanessa throughout our journey is not only aesthetic and stylish; at the same time offering ergonomic and comfortable products, we aimed to make your moments with your loved ones beautiful.
Our RD activities always follow what is fashionable; We increased our product range with our PD activities. With our belief in the creative power of innovation, and with the focus and anticipation of the living spaces offered by contemporary architecture,we got a dimension. Our journey; we continue to adhere to the wishes of offering the best to you, without sacrificing our values, to innovations and to the bringing-on of modern life.
We aim to add value to your homes for years and become guests with our brand, which we all grow together.

Mustafa AYDIN

Charmain of the Executive Board

Having realized its first armchair production in 1999 in Inegöl under the name of Vanessa Divani, today, Vanessa is producing armchairs and furniture as Vanessa Divani and Furniture. Vanessa armchairs and furniture are being produced in 18.000 sqm of facilities with the latest technology and a modern system.
Vanessa possesses a staff that pays attention to pre and post production quality control and research and development studies and realizes the design and application activities.
With its products providing aesthetics and design one with the other, its quality policy, principles and values, our company has always been keeping track of the dynamics of the sector and followed an innovative policy since 1999.
Having been providing unique designs without making any compromises of its modern style until today, Vanessa continues to grow with the aim of communicating the high quality life standards to even more people.
Vanessa, of whom the most important priority has always been “Quality” since the day it was founded, aims to reach above the world standards in terms of its production quality and technical services. With our sense of quality, our products are controlled within the scope of our quality criteria in all the stages, including design, production, sales and after sales.

Vision and Mission :
Our vision; to be the furniture brand with the worldwide well-known reputation  by focusing on the needs of the living spaces of the modern architecture , producing the furnitures of the combination of the esthetics and quality , adopting the customer’s satisfaction and confidence as a principle.   
Our mission; to create living spaces making someone feel special, valuable and happy by awaring of our responsibilities to our partners, employees, nature and world.


Our Values

  • Timeless to devise fashion designs forever
  • Visionary to design by imaging the future
  • Reformer to prepare suitable collections for the needs of modern life
  • Avant-garde to shape the market’s future with the designs
  • Elegant to win recognition with the products
  • Trustful to make a comeback to the customers and partners in all conditions and       circumstances
  • High-class to provide long-lasting use with the strength of the timeless designs
  • Friendly to be always in a good business relationship with the partners
  • Sensitive to be eco-friendly , pay attention of economising the supplies by not damaging the environment  


Vanessa , starting the first modern arm chair production on 1999 , now is the producer of the armchairs to corner couch sets , wing chairs to bedroom suites , tv units to dining room sets , accessories to coffe tables and so on products at its 18.000 m2 factory equipped with the high technology and systems. Vanessa has a very powerful , dynamic and reputable team turning their imaginations into products by making the R&D before and quality control during and after production. Vanessa , the trustfull furniture brand , have an avant-garde concept at its design furnishing esthetics , quality and elegance together without compromising principles. Vanessa , having minimal and intense designs at its collections without sacrificing its modern style , furnishes the fashionable with nthe innovative concept supplying modern life needs.

Quality Management

We, as Vanessa, transform quality as our corporate culture by the customer-focused perspective since the establishment date. We target to be better than the world class by our production quality and technical services. The products are under control from at each process as design to production, from sales to after sales service. 

After-Sales Service

Vanessa continues its studies caring the product, service and quality at after sales services by providing added values to its partners. Vanessa, furnishing care service to the products under guarantee, also gives service to trouble shooting caused of customer used. After trouble shooting, dealer gives care service for repairing the fastest way possible.

The dealer gives service for repairing faults cause by customer use without any stick needs.




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