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Working with the principles of “Unconditional Customer Satisfaction”, our started its policy foundations in 2007. 

Since 2010 we serve at our official address “MS Teknik Ofis Mobilyaları Dış Tic.Ltd.Şti.”

- Modular and movable furniture systems,
- Manager and personnel desks
- Workstations
- Office partition systems
- Storage and archive cabinets
- Sitting groups
- Door and window solutions

Realizes projects for the needs of customers such as school, hospital, cafe & restaurant, hotel, home, kitchen cabinets and other products of furniture.

By selling our products at affordable prices, we reflect this advantage to our customers which leads to price justice in our products.

Manufacturing quality, with its professional R & D support, operates as a leader in the sector with functional products.

Reflects its experience in local and international projects of Hotel, Office, Bank and Education sector.

It is ready for quality service with its expert staff for all turn-key project solutions and furniture needs.

We want to be an indispensable solution partner in your business life with our service, policies, working style and intelligent solutions.

We know all aspects of your business such as stress, workload, inefficient business life and economy. We are always developing ourselves and our team in these areas for empathy culture. We also consider the economic approaches of all business enterprises, individuals or institutions as reasonable. That's why we are here to be a solution partner that gives you confidence with the way we work, our workforce and our competitive price policies. 

- We produce office furniture that your business needs. Starting from the top, we design products for offices, managers and staff rooms. We create areas where your entire team can work efficiently. We strive to optimize your work, hospitality and reception areas with our wide range of products.
- We provide decoration services for executive personalities and make special furniture designs for organizations (boutiques).
- We undertake the furniture projects of large scale enterprises, organizations or public institutions and we carry out large turn-key projects such as Hotel, Bank, Hospital or Factory.

Our company, having a professional staff in which developing technologies are followed, is inspired by our young and dynamic staff. This is something we constantly improve. We are proud of using customer satisfaction and quality-oriented craftsmen with the best teams.

Knowledge and professionalism, first of all, is very important for a successful brand. As we built our professionalism tower, we knew we had to be able to withstand time. In addition to producing products that we can be proud of, we are determined to continue to be the market leader. We can meet all the needs of an office.

- To have a designer identity
- To be able to start projects in different concepts
- Ensuring customer satisfaction in production, marketing, sales and after-sales processes
- Establish a bond with customers, build friendships and partnerships
- Honest, reliable
- % 100 Customer satisfaction…




Showroom 01 - Office Furniture
Masko Mobilyacılar Sitesi 5A Blok
No:19-21-23 İkitelli OSB / Başakşehir

Showroom 02 - Home Furniture
Masko Mobilyacılar Sitesi 5B Blok No:14
İkitelli OSB / Başakşehir



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