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Our company was founded by the name of SEREN DESIGN in Bursa in 2010 by two professional friends who are  Recep Balkan and Ercan Türker  who have gained experience and mastery.

Since then, we have been producing all kinds of contract furniture according to the needs of our customers.

Our main project applications are ; We provide services for private villa interior design applications, restaurants, stores, hospitals, hotel rooms and similar projects in Turkey and abroad.

Our company was established in Ergin Evler project  many positive returns were received in all wood works. Our firm is getting stronger with its production with the companies that we want to be known by its name. Especially, we produce all designs of architects above expectations.

Bursa Police Department Uludag Polisevi branch, during the production of unconditional customer satisfaction triangle in the work we have done, completed the decoration decoration work has been added recently. By developing our vision, we have set the goal of advancing ourselves together with the business we have carried out in a wider customer and business line. We have already overcome the ongoing quality problem in this sector. We are looking for the best quality and most economical way of modern and modern furniture. On the other hand, we are striving to be a firm that increases our capital and keeps more feet on the ground.

We are waiting you to SEREN DESING for sharing trust and honesty in the trade. 
Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information. 
Our aim is to adopt changes, to respect and respond our customers’ requirements. 
We believe that; Our customers deserve the best. 
With the best regards


Some of our references;

Hüseyin Sümer Diamond Shop - BURSA
Uludağ University Faculty of Medicine - BURSA
Ergin Rezidance Houses - BURSA
Uludag Police Guest House - BURSA
Children's Dental Clinic - BURSA
And Private Villas etc.



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