BENSİMO - Teen & Kids & Baby Rooms - TURKEY

Our Company founded on 1991, operating on demountable and portable home furnitures. With a reformist outlook which provide you ease of use and appeal to your eye, we bring new ideal systems for all group of ages, Our products with different colors and models presenting to respected dealers with superior knowledge and experience from our staff, using the proven quality of raw materials and meticulously produced regard any details. ​
We design and delicately produce all our models with pleasure as BENSİMO.​
We are waiting you to BENSİMO for sharing trust and honesty in the trade. 
Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information. 
Our aim is to adopt changes, to respect and respond our customers’ requirements. 
We believe that; Our customers deserve the best. 
With the best regards..



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