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The original Craft Associates, Inc. was a furniture company created in 1952 by Adrian Pearsall. The walnut designs started in the late 50's skyrocketing sales and taking Mr. Pearsall beyond all others in residential design. The company grew from 6 to 800 employees and was sold in 1968 to the well-known Lane Furniture Company. Pearsall went on to form another company while Lane eventually halted production and sales by the late seventies and closed Craft Associates for good.
Recognizing desire for vintage Craft Associates furniture and a lack in the market of new, quality mid-century inspired designs; we sought to revive Craft Associates® Furniture and did. That same year we began building the improved furniture in the United States with the intension of reflecting the spirit of the period while improving the functionality of the product. Although visually rivaling great vintage designs, the construction, upholstery and quality of materials have been drastically altered. Once the furniture met our approval, we sought to partner marketing and sales with whom has a rich history of serving Craft Associates, Inc. collectors. We are very excited to be in the position to offer you this incredible collection. 

Moving forward, Craft Associates® Furniture will continue to design and produce timeless objects of beauty which posses the uniqueness and character of vintage combined with the freshness of modern times. All of those who appreciate quality furniture will benefit from a resurrection of designs capturing the essence of the period.
Craft Associates Inc Legacy
The New Craft Associates® Furniture is not currently associated with the Pearsall family or Adrian Pearsall. Reference to either is intended to only communicate historical information identifying the factual history concerning the sale and closing of the designer's company. Nor does the brief historical reference to the designer imply any current formal association with the family or their certification program for used furniture of their father's design.  
We respect the family’s efforts with their used furniture CERTIFICATION PROGRAM directed to the vintage used furniture market for their father’s designs. In our efforts to support the family, for any original Pearsall furniture we recondition we will either (i) compare the piece to our extensive catalog reference of his work to make a comparison of the piece with the known catalog of his works or (ii) will pay the $50.00 fee as required by the family’s CERTIFICATION PROGRAM. 
While we are legitimate and proper in our moving forward under our new company name and revived Craft Associates trademark, we are also continuing to remain available to offer our support to the family in maintaining the integrity of the vintage furniture and historical legacy their father established with his designs. 


designers :


Lawrence Peabody for Craft 

Lawrence Peabody, an architect, interior designer, and furniture designer, was born in 1924 in Haverhill, MA. Mr. Peabody often preferred the name "Larry" instead of Lawrence although he tended to use the name Lawrence professionally. He was known to be a flaming extrovert and was rarely reserved in his opinions. He had a clear love of design even choosing the Navy because he liked the uniforms. After serving in WWII he was able to take advantage of the GI Bill. This allowed him to study at the Rhode Island School of Design. At RSID he was heavily influenced by Ernst Lichtblau who was part of the Austrian Werbund. At the time there was a heavy Bauhaus influence due to many Europeans who had fled to the US for WWII. After RISD the story goes that he wandered around Europe and ended up taking courses at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. While there he met his wife Bette who he wed in 1952. She was originally from Norway, a bit older and extremely interesting in her own right. She was part of the Danish resistance during the war, helping out as a nurse. She had also studied psychology and was a teacher. During a trip to Haiti, Lawrence became friends with Dewitt Peters, the founder of Haiti's Le Centre d'Art. Together they promoted interest in primitive Haitian art by corresponding with museums overseas. Lawrence bought a beautiful home in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti in which he split his time later in life. 


Laura Trenchard for Craft Associates

Laura's background is in graphic design which launched her career into product design and interiors. Her past jobs are diverse, including planograms for Victoria Secret, owning her own restaurant, and owning her own graphic design company, Anthony Littleton Design. From there, Laura became the Creative Director for Root Candles for 20+ years before making the transition to Craft Associates.

Today she is responsible for all of Craft's trade show booth designs and leads our in-house furniture design team. Laura oversees all design aspects of the company. Her Eiger Collection has received many accolades, was "trend spotted" by Ishka Designs, and was featured in publications including Luxe Magazine. We are thrilled that she is a part of our team.



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