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Much more than a name, behind our name, lies the Alessi family business history, made up of people, men and women who have contributed to the life of the company, full of projects still to be realized, full of technical and craft knowledge, yes, because we strongly believe in the "know how" typically Italian, using the finest tools that may exist, our hands and our creativity.
Sofas and even sofas, modern.. classics.. functional.. but still beautiful and well made, with such painstaking care in every detail, from the realization of the structure to the selection of polyurethanes because comfort is the basis of our sofas, and carefully following every phase of the seam coatings, until the final upholstery of the sofa.
And we have designed, sewn and made to thousands of unique works, all made by hand in our laboratory, a unique place to work with passion and fun to create your next sofa, your soft refuge with whom to spend your time in the best way possible, next to people that you love.

Manufacturing Made in Italy 100% 


Structures  Our sofas are built with a solid wood frame (beech, poplar or spruce) and numerous reinforcement bars for the sessions. The chipboard strengthen all structures.


Suspensions​​  The Suspensions of sessions are made with elastic belts of high quality in terms of materials and robustness to ensure the best comfort.

Padding  We use polyurethane foams differentiated designed for optimal comfort in every point of the sofa and are combined with quality materials such as Dacron providing you the best experience of comfort.

Mechanisms Sofa Bed  The mechanics used for the sofa beds have high standards about the types of dell 'steel thickness, types of paint and reliability.

Fabrics​ The Alessi sofas can be customized to a vast program of coatings checomprende vast range of colors, imaginative textures and innovative fabrics.

Design and Production​  Our models are designed, engineered and manufactured in Italy in a single laboratory to offer the safety of a product done well with tailoring methodologies typically Italian.

Out of size​  We produce on demand the production of oversized non-standard elements, to fit the best in your furniture.

Made In Italy 100%​  We think, we design and build our sofas entirely in our laboratory, from the structures to the pads through the cutting and sewing of coatings impeccably



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