For Ulrich Fürus, life is a rich tapestry of textiles, threads, yarns and fabrics. His passion for textiles and his feeling for colour and design were evident from the beginning, and after completing his apprenticeship, he quickly rose to the position of executive assistant at Wilhelm Goltermann, a textile company known throughout Europe. Yet as time passed, Ulrich Fürus was increasingly drawn to the markets, to customers and consumers. Therefore, in 1973, he transferred to the field sales team at Apelt, a family business with a rich tradition. In 1977, he was headhunted by Verseidag and placed in charge of the company’s home textiles division.
In 1987, Ulrich Fürus decided to venture into the world of self-employment and founded his own company, Deco Design Fürus GmbH. With his own small, exquisite collection, he focused initially on the German-speaking and Italian markets. Today, the company employs 18 people in its merchandising, marketing and internal services departments and delivers to wholesalers, textile distributors and companies from the industrial sector in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Japan and Russia.



Deco Design Fürus helps its clients – wholesalers, textile distributors and companies from the industrial sector – to achieve greater success in the market.
It does this by offering attractive, differentiated products in the mid- to high-price segment, as well as guaranteed exclusivity and rapid availability.
Ever since it was founded, Deco Design Fürus has been a trendsetter in the world of curtains and decorative fabrics, surprising the market with its own innovative collections and making the company the first port of call for anyone looking for new, high-selling products that guarantee success.





Good design is difficult to put into words. It comes from the perfect interplay of form, colour and material, by reducing things to their essence and focusing on the details. Good design breathes life into objects and products. Good design is innovative, aesthetic, subtle, consistent and timeless.
Here at Deco Design Fürus, good design is not just a commitment. We see it as an element of self-understanding – something that drives us in our daily work to develop attractive, differentiated collections and customer-specific solutions that guarantee success.


Everyone here at Deco Design Fürus loves textiles. By maintaining close contact with markets and consumers, identifying new trends early and constantly looking for innovative solutions, our employees are able to develop attractive and differentiated products.
As an owner-managed company, Deco Design Fürus also excels in working closely with its customers. A personalised relationship based on trust and a “nothing is impossible” mentality – words we live by at Deco Design Fürus – shape the relationships we have with our customers and form the basis for long-term, successful partnerships.



Several of the employees at Deco Design Fürus have been with the company for over 20 years. These many years of experience and expertise, extensive evaluation procedures for all our producers and systematic internal and external quality management processes all combine to guarantee high-quality products.
Quality at Deco Design Fürus extends far beyond the product itself. Our company also stands for reliable availability, the ability to respond quickly and a high degree of flexibility in order to offer our customers the best possible products and comprehensive service at any time.
Here at Deco Design Fürus, we share the view of Hermann Tietz, founder of the Hertie department store chain, to whom quality meant “that the customer comes back, not the product”.



Deco Design Fürus aims to use creativity and innovative products that are tailored to the market to surprise its customers, while offering them added value in the form of attractive, exclusive services and maintaining a close working relationship.
Along with a diverse, broad product range, Deco Design Fürus customers also benefit from guaranteed exclusivity, pre-financing in the form of storage, the option of minimum ordering lengths of only 60 meters, generous discounts on samples and guaranteed availability over a period of four years.
As an owner-managed company, Deco Design Fürus’s primary responsibility is to its customers and employees, not to any anonymous shareholders or vague goals of short-term profits. Together with a solid financial basis, this ensures the company’s long-term focus remains firmly on the interests of all its stakeholders.



During the 18th and 19th centuries, Krefeld was home to entire dynasties of silk manufacturers. The most successful of them all, the “silk barons”, achieved great wealth, status and independence from the influence of the authorities. They all helped to bring prosperity and world-renown to Krefeld. At the time, practically the entire European aristocracy wore extravagant, exclusive handkerchiefs, stockings, ribbons and garments made from Krefeld velvet and silk.
By choosing Krefeld as the location for its offices, Deco Design Fürus taps into centuries of tradition in the “city of silk and velvet”. A mere 25 kilometres, or just a 30-minute drive on the motorway, separate the company from the international airport at Düsseldorf.
All of this makes Krefeld the ideal location for a future with history, for innovation with tradition and for regional ties with connections to the international markets.


Deco Design Fürus GmbH

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