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An inspiring life is a challenge.

Fulfilling your dreams takes a lot of energy. Its source lies in good sleep quality. We spend almost a third of our lives sleeping, which means about 200,000 hours of sleep during a 75-year lifetime. Do not waste this time – use it to recharge your batteries.

We want to accompany you in your passion. This is why we take special care of how our mattresses help you sleep better. After 25 years in this business we can guarantee that our products will help you sleep well and, as a result, you will have a good supply of energy to face challenges and fulfill your dreams.

With high quality standards, a wide selection of designs, applied ergonomics, perfect service and professional advice, we provide solutions tailored to every user’s individual needs.

If you want to rest effectively and comfortably, choose a mattress from JANPOL.
You will wake up with a smile :)







JANPOL at the 2017 MEBLE POLSKA Furniture Fair

The 2017 MEBLE POLSKA Furniture Fair held in March was an opportunity not only to present the company’s products and exchange experiences with representatives of the furniture industry. During the event prestigious awards were presented. Among the laureates was the JANPOL Mattress Factory.
The 2017 MEBLE POLSKA Furniture Fair is a huge event that attracts crowds of merchants and visitors every year. This year's Fair in Poznan was attended by furniture distributors from more than 50 countries, and more than 300 companies presented their offers. The JANPOL Mattress Factory, the industry leader on the Polish market, was of course among them. The JANPOL Mattress Factory was honoured with a Gold Medal for the Pulse Supreme mattress, and the Acanthus Aureus Award for the most beautiful stand.

The Gold Medal Competition is a contest in which products are judged by experts comprising the Competition Jury. Specialists choose from 500 applications the products they believe stand out in the market for quality, technology, and usefulness, and can be an example to follow. This year it included the PULSE SUPREME mattress. This is our most innovative product. It perfectly adapts to the shape of the body, provides support and optimal weight distribution. We achieved this effect thanks to the use of the Pulse latex made with modern Sonocore technology, says Witold Kopeć, CEO of the JANPOL Mattress Factory.
ACANTHUS AUREUS receives award for the best stand
During the MEBLE POLSKA Furniture Fair the Acantus Aureus statuettes are awarded to the best architectural and graphic solutions at the exhibition stand. The organisers of the event recognised the JANPOL Mattress Factory stand as the most beautifully designed and best prepared for carrying out the marketing strategy during the fair. In their opinion, it was also conducive to direct communication with the client and emphasised the positive image of the company, says Witold Kopeć from the JANPOL Mattress Factory.



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