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GORL - Smart & Space Furniture - CHINA

Gorl Smart - Space Furniture is an outstanding furniture enterprise in China, including design, development, production, sales and service. The factory is located in Shunde Industrial Park in Guangdong Province. In addition, exclusive production base is located in Heshan Jiangmen, and the total construction area of the company is 80.000m2 there is a batch experienced and innovative staffs as adevelopment and design team and various types of technical professionals, outstanding employees which are more than 620 people in our company.

Our company was founded in 1996. Products have been exported to the United States, Britain, Germany, South Korea, Japan and many other countries. in 2013, we entered the domestic market and took the ISO9001, ISO4001, "Guangdong Famous Brand", "Shunde innovative technology enter prises", "Guangdong Furniture Association", "Guangzhou City Furniture Association executive director", " Best Original Chinese Brand", and many other honors qualifications. 

Our company has the world's most advanced furniture production equipment and automated production lines, in order to implement modern and automatic management. Furthermore, loow-carbon production process is required, ensure to protect the environment.

Gorl Smart - Space Furniture subvert traditional furniture concept, to achieve a functional diversification of furniture. Hidden, sharing, and convenient movement function will be used in products, to improve rational utilization of space end build a multifunctional space, which including work, reception, entertainment, nest and storage in a limited space.



No.69 WenHua Rd, RongGui,
Shunde District, FoShan City,
GuangDong Province


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