ARAN CUCINE - Kitchen Furniture - ITALY - Bijou
ARAN CUCINE - Kitchen Furniture - ITALY - Bijou
ARAN CUCINE - Kitchen Furniture - ITALY - Bijou
ARAN CUCINE - Kitchen Furniture - ITALY - Bijou
ARAN CUCINE - Kitchen Furniture - ITALY - Bijou
ARAN CUCINE - Kitchen Furniture - ITALY - Bijou

ARAN CUCINE - Kitchen Furniture - ITALY

Company Concept

The kitchen is the most important place in the house, crossroads of meetings and interactions, theater of anecdotes and pleasant memories, confluence of spirit and matter. The centre of the house might be cozy, alive, functional and pleasant at sight. This is what motivates us to create innovative and elegant solutions matching with your needs.



Every day we build kitchens interpretating familly dreams and needs of the whole world, while protecting the environment.
Talent, passion and authenticity make us ambassadors of Italian lifestyle where design and tradition are the perfect synthesis of a unique culture.


We dream that ARAN kitchen might bring moments of happiness in world homes, giving experience of conviviality in an ambience close to your needs and even more beautiful.

Brand values


Sharing and the sense of belonging are our polar stars

We like to identify ourselves with our customers and their wishes.

Honesty, transparency and authenticity
For us it is essential to build strong relationships based on reliability and respect

We are aware of the great responsibility we have in the social, ecological and economic. Reason why we pay     attention to present for a sustainable future.

Creative energy
Constant and continuous innovation, the result of careful research and development.



Over the years the trust of international customers has allowed us to contribute to the supply of major projects. The ARAN Kitchen brand has become synonymous of Italian style, trustworthiness and reliability even in luxurious residential complexes in different areas of the world including United States, Middle East and Far East. An important commitment for a great success story.


Clean energy production

Our production policy has always paid special attention to the protection and respect of the environment. For this reason Aran World has made the cover of most of the production area with photovoltaic panels which produce solar energy; the aim is to be self-sufficient from the energy point of view by reducing the use of fossil energy. They were created four installations of electrical energy production from photovoltaic conversion.



ARAN World has decided to support the region through their business choices and productive while also favoring sports organizations, primarily from Abruzzo, associations and cooperatives which promote the region, its traditions and its beauty. We feel a strong sense of social responsibility towards the region that gave us a lot and we believe that a healthy environment education and sport is vital for young people to be women and men of tomorrow.

Tirino river
Fully live the territory is primarily to protec it, this is why we chose to be partners of the social cooperative “Il Bosso”, dynamic company which since 1999 is responsible for promotion and environmental education, working mainly in the areas of the river Tirino, defined the clearest of Europe.

Memorial " A. Mariani - M. Pavone"
In 2015 we held an important football international youth tournament. A.C. Milan, Internazional F.C., Benfica from Portugal and F.C. Juventus are only some of the teams that in these four years have participated in this sporting event. Juventus recently won the fourth edition of this tournament.

Pineto football club
Pineto football team is a amateur football society founded in 1962. Among the most important categories reached is there the D league (1977-78; 1992-94). Today Pineto football team has achieved “Excellence” league and remains a regional point of reference mainly for its nursery.

Mutignano Football Club
Mutignano is small medieval town of Pineto (TE) with approximately 700 inhabitants. In order to keep alive the great football passion of its few inhabitants, we at ARAN WORLD have renewed our annual sponsorship with Mutignano Football club in the Regional League, providing enjoyable moments to the fans during every Sunday game.

Our team of young aspiring professional cyclists based in Montesilvano (PE). One of the recent discoveries was that of Matthew Rabottini, who with Aran Kitchens graduated Champion of Italy’s Under-23 in 2009, and in 2012 concluded the Tour of Italy won the “Blue jersey” as winner of the mountains classification.

World Championship 125 cc Motorcycling
Aran Kitchen gave strong support to Class 125 from 2006 to 2009. The concept of dynamism, integral part of the company identity, brought us to sponsor pilots like Fabrizio Lai and Michele Conti with Honda, Lukas Pesek and Nicolas Terol with Derbi, Tomoyoshi Koyama with KTM, Andrea Zanetti with KTM and Aprilia, Jonas Folger, Takaaki Nakagami and Andrea Iannone with Aprilia.

In 2009 we have decided to be the main sponsor for the male A1 2009/2010 volleyball Championship of the “Pineto” team, steadying up our relationship with the territory. The sponsorship of the abruzzesi volleyball team was perfectly part of our social responsability strategy, stronghold in our group.

Sport, amusement, nature, great speed and a bit of madness. Which sport can represent at best the dynamic aspect of that marks since always our company? That’s why in 2009 we have decided to substain the Italian Rally Championship.

Huge the satisfaction when in 2009 the Abruzzi Mattia Martella, at the Italian Superbike Championship victory, Class S5, he declaired: “This attainment encourages me to go ahead in this field and do even better for this wonderful motorcycle speciality. I really want to thank my parents, whi have done lots to support me, friends and all the sponsor which believed in me and helped me in these months of races, especially Aran Cucine.

Sun,sea but most of all passion and grit. Aspects always in asset with our company vision and while fundamental motivation for us to support the Italian Sailing Championship. It’s important the development of such sport, quite formative, but often undertone.




ARAN Cucine gained the “Superbrands Awards 2017” recognition.

14 JUNE 2016 Superbrands is the international authority which plans to recognize exceptional brands within different markets, supporting all companies that invest everyday helping clients to bring more happiness into their lives, with seriousness and competence. This year again, ARAN Cucine is the only company, within furniture sector, to go on stage of Awards 2017 next to nationally […]


432 Park Avenue

22 SEPTEMBER 2015 Aran World has been chosen as an icon of Made in Italy design for the 432 Park Avenue building that is set to rise 432 meters and is today the third tallest residential building in the world and the first one in New York. A new icon on the New York Skyline, which allows us […]


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