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We take responsibility – for both the present and the future..

Wood – the very best, naturally

Solid beechwood grown in domestic and European forests is our first choice for the production of children‘s furniture: this natural and continuously renewable material is both strong and safe, can be shaped into truly beautiful forms and is also fully recyclable! Naturally, we are conscious of the fact that we are competing with other manufacturers who unscrupulously produce children‘s furniture from rainforest wood. However, we simply want the best – for the environment and not least for your children.


The health of your child is of primary concern for both you and ourselves!

Children‘s furniture from Geuther offers you security! True, parents may not like it when their youngster lovingly chews on a piece of furniture or food finds its way into the mouth directly from the table, but you can at least rest assured that no-one is suffering harm: all the varnishes, films and materials used are resistant to saliva and perspiration, contaminant free and comply with the most stringent health standards. An unmistakable mark of quality: our furniture is immediately ready for use and does not emit any substances that are harmful to health, whereas you would be well-advised to first air products from some other manufacturers.


Workmanship well thought out to the very last detail

We rely on state-of-the-art technology: as an example, the advantages of the costly dip coating process are apparent from the fact that this method produces an extremely even coating, while being beneficial for the health of our workers because it does not create any varnish dust harmful to lungs. CNC millers of the latest generation are employed to craft the wood in a resource-saving manner with minimal material waste. The resulting residual wood is then used to fire our state-of-the-art factory heating system, which is consequently able to forego the use of non-renewable fuels such as coal or oil!


Beneficial for the environment

Wherever possible, we improve operational processes in order to preserve the natural environment for future generations: our suppliers deliver wood grown in domestic and European forests and we transport our Geuther products exclusively in environmentally-friendly lorries, thereby saving an enormous amount of CO²! In terms of packaging, we use recyclable cardboard, while our advertising materials are produced by a partner able to guarantee clima neutral printing through the acquisition of climate certificates.


For all those who really want to know

Our wood suppliers are FSC® certified. All our furniture surfaces comply with DIN standard 53160 (saliva and perspiration resistance) and European standard EN 71 on toy safety. In terms of formaldehyde emissions, Geuther is certified under the lowest emission class E1 – the best possible category! Our cardboard packaging materials bear the RESY recycling symbol, meaning that they are 100% recyclable.

is not just a question of image

The idea of a healthy environment is a question of attitude. And because every individual can do something to contribute to it, all our members of staff are obliged, to an exceptional degree, to base their actions in their particular sphere on considerations of sustainability, in its economic, ecological and social aspects.

Geuther has an outstanding sense of responsibility for nature and the environment, and we have the certificates to prove it. Our timber suppliers are FSC(R) certified. All our furniture surfaces conform to DIN 53160 standards (resistance to saliva and perspiration) and to the European EN 71 standard for the safety of toys. The paper we use for advertising purposes has FSC(R) certification from the manufacturer, and the printing has been certified as climatically neutral. In relation to formaldehyde emissions, our products have been placed in the lowest E1 class – and you can‘t do better than that! Our cardboard packaging carries the RESY symbol, meaning that it can be 100% recycled. In furniture production, massive beech wood from German and European forests is our first choice: this natural and endlessly renewable material is strong, reliable, can be used for the most beautiful creations – and is completely recyclable!

Geuther relies on the most modern technology. Dip painting, for example, is a lengthy process, but it has its advantages. First of all, it gives rise to a very even coating; and at the same time it offers health and safety benefits, as it does not involve paint spray with its damaging effects on the lungs. CNC milling of the latest generation gets the wood into shape with a minimum of material wastage. The resulting waste timber feeds our plant heating system, which as a result can dispense with non-renewable combustible materials like coal and oil.

Whenever possible we optimise our activities, with a view to preserving nature for future generations. This is a matter of principle for us, because we want to make our contribution to a world worth living in.



What gives parents-to-be more pleasure than furnishing a nursery? Carefully selecting those surroundings for their offspring, which they perceive as having a consistent harmony. Surroundings in which their child will have a great start in life and which will be a part of the child’s life for a considerable period. Love at first sight often plays an important role when choosing a nursery.


Our furniture bears a signature that is more than 100 years old. The love of children is the driving force behind all our products. We do not compromise on stability, material characteristics, safety or quality. Our new G-Design range also incorporates this idea.

A collection for design-focused parents that is suitable for daily use and that has an extremely well-balanced look. For parents with certain standards!



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