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NORM LIVING started this journey to produce qualified living places, with 300 m2 manufacture site on Osman Bey street in İnegöl. We know for sure that this journey is a long marathon, and quality will always advance in this run, and that producing and offering quality is not coincidence; it is a product of systematic work and effort.

NORM LIVING has managed to rank among the foremost producers in a short span of time in its field with the customer satisfaction it provides and the quality that it carries further with computer supported technologies. NORM LIVING, thriving for diversity and innovation in designs has been a brand sought for its quality as well. The technology used in the production processes and attention given to details play a big role behind this quality.

NORM LIVING, helps you provide chic, elegant and comfortable living spaces for you to get over the intense stress and exhaustion of the day and freshen up when you step foot from the outer world into your house and commit yourself to a completely different mood. NORM LIVING is honored to present you business partners and friends with the restful colors of nature in its collections. 

The most important detail in these designs is that, in ARMCHAIR production, NORM LIVING produces modern functional armchairs as MODULES and ensures that they take shape according to each house. NORM LIVING products, which are always renewed and have a great success in meeting current expectancies, meet an ever-growing demand in European Countries as well.

We thank all our business partners, our customers and all our friends who provide themselves with living spaces in their houses with our products; hereby we remind you that we renew ourselves everyday in order to be worthy of your rightful praises…

Best Regards 
Ismail Hakki Sahin



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