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We "Be Model" are our experience; model design managed to furnitures become accessories and 11 years success story; product diversity, design differences,quality of and talking place among respected brands to serve the industry, it continues to create new initiative by after sales service in Brusa in Turkey. Model Design constatly developing needs and experience in the industry and innovative line of modern production and marketing approach, also aims continuously upgrede to standard in the furniture industry. 

Manufactory of the furniture accessories as model design; anergy unabated,the right strategy for application, stability,from the design stage, untilthe formation of the product in the period, is a product of investment in quality. Model design as ateam,long term goals,we did in short priod of 11 years. At the moment, as Turkeys leading manufacturer of the furniture accessories adopt a globa vision. We are proud and pleased to offer products that facilitate the job with well trained professional team our understanding of modern service. We look vack from where we access now, evolve our design and manufactoring approach at hte same time with all over the world. We see something one constant in our company and its our commitment. Thats the secret of our success story, is not it?

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