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After the experience gained in woodworking, today Benedetti Furniture has a production that often anticipates the evolution of taste. The research cutting edge construction is combined with the attention to detail in processing, with the intent to maintain as its main purpose the quality of their wardrobes.

Contemporary Lifestyle

If contemporaneity is the world you live in, if sophisticated design is your first choice, if you are always connected, then welcome home: Benedetti’s collections offer multi-faceted interpretations of your lifestyle, a broad selection of furniture to allow you to make the choice that most suits your personal style.

Environment and Health

The bedroom is the room we spend over a third of our day in.

That’s why it is important that it is healthy and that it creates a sensation of wellbeing. Benedetti uses only materials that comply with health-related international regulations thus choosing wood, double-panelling, vinyl glues and water-based paints, because they are natural, with a very low environmental impact.

The hardware is fitted on the solid-wood part of the double panelling thus ensuring grip and resistance and a safe environment to live in.


I like wood

Wood is a natural material, sturdy and ecological, with the right characteristics to ensure the durability and functionality of a piece of furniture. That’s why we use fir wood for our double-panelling. Double-panelling consists of a perimetrical structure created with fir wood boards on which different types of panels are applied depending on the type of manufacturing. That’s why our wardrobes are solid and lightweight at the same time, made to ensure durability and safety. Other manufacturers use chipboard as core material. Chipboard is an agglomerate of discarded wood chips that deteriorates quickly and easily, it’s heavy and swells when in contact with domestic humidity.


Water-based paints
We use them

The attention to the environment and to our health has increased research in the paint sector which has resulted in the production of water-based paints.

Water-based paints have an extremely low environmental impact, are odourless and non-inflammable and represent excellence from an ecological point of view among the products available on the market.

They’re the safest during the painting phase and once dry they’re also safe in your home. That’s why we’ve adopted them.



Spatiality and “customized”
current production

Space, of whatever type, is an opportunity, not a problem. Our experience allows us to adapt our furniture to suit the size of your room with a flexibility that allows us to customize our wardrobes without any extra cost.

Wardrobe height can be increased by the centimetre and width can vary to suit any requirement: our know-how has optimised the relation between dimensions and construction results.



Appearance and Details

If appearance is how we introduce you to our furniture, the construction solutions guarantee their quality, right down to the core.

Details are important in order to understand the reliability of the production concept: the handle inside the sliding door, for example, that makes closing easier; the perforations on the side, barely visible but extremely useful for varying shelf height, the levelling feet to overcome uneven floors, and many other solutions that ensure the high quality of our wardrobes.


The finishes

Any idea you might have on colour, painting technique, surface yield, Benedetti can make it come true.

Finishes are varied and original. They can be inspired by a revisitation of the best handcrafting technique or they can offer more tactile and contemporary solutions, the result of innovative techniques that shape matter and bring it to life.

The range of colours is limited only by your inventiveness.


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