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ALA MOBILI - Classical Home Furniture - ITALY

Mobili d'Arte specializes in the production of art furniture in the Louis XV, Empire and Boulle styles.
Our company, thanks to its extensive experience and know-how, produces unique pieces, featuring the highest-quality woods, various briar roots and refined inlays. As well as a wide range of models, we design and deliver bespoke furniture and solutions, customized to the customers’and the contract industry’s needs.
Our original furniture is not the result of haphazard work, rather it originates from the careful study, design and execution of our company, steeped in ancient craft traditions.
Inlays are obtained using precious woods, such as bois de rose (rosewood), walnut, elm, and myrtle, set on beech, oak and mahogany frames. Ornaments are in gilded or patinated brass, still cast according to the traditional process.
We pride ourselves on our knowledge and passion, values our company has been to able to convert into a style that has become renowned worldwide for its quality and elegance. 

A Value that Endures 
Valuable Woods and Sophisticated Inlays for Pieces of Unparalleled Quality 

Ala - Mobili d’Arte

Ala - Mobili d’Arte
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Cabiate (CO)


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