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Bontempi looks to the future with its roots firmly set in the history and tradition of an Italian company that spreads ideas and products throughout the world. it looks to the future with the intention of playing an increasing bigger role as a group of international importance in the field of contemporary home furnishings, with a generous offer of modern and identified products able to cater for the different furnishing requirements of modern homes.

To constantly expand the value of products through the ongoing upgrading of quality and competitiveness, that is the strategic goal of a company which places consumers and their requirements at the centre of the Bontempi industrial project.


The Beginnings: the 60's

In 1963 Alessandro and Giancarlo Bontempi, already knowledgeable in the artisan manufacturing of metal, open Mobilfer, a manufacturing facility specializing in the production of tables and chairs
While Giancarlo was overseeing the production line, Alessandro developed the 1st distribution network which just a few years later in 1967 led to the production of 15,000 chairs and 1,600 tables accounting for 750,000 Euros in sales.

The 70's

* Opening of the first manufacturing facility on the direttissima del conero with 70 employees for the production of tables and chairs for the kitchen. Featured items were dining tables with crystal tops, dining room chairs in metal and leather, coffee tables and other furnishing accessories.
* Expansion of the dealer network to approximately 2,000 distributorsIntroduction of the export division focusing to Europe and the middle-east
Investments in research and development 

The 80´s

* Expansion of the manufacturing facility to twice the existing size
* Introduction of the copper finished gold with a lifetime warranty
* Introduction of the new company identity Bontempi SPA and brand BONTEMPI CASA
* Inauguration of the first Bontempi stand-alone “Colpo di Scena”
* First advertising campaign on the bedroom collection with promotional incentives to the trade (Altea Bed)
* Delfina Chair by Bontempi wins the Compasso d’oro (Oscar of Design)
* Expansion of the export division
* Sales reach 5 million Euro and the dealer network accounts for over 3,000 locations
* 1989 Acquisition of a kitchen company with worldwide kitchen sales under the brand BONTEMPI CUCINE

The 90's

* Significant implementation of the export division with in-house sales agents and customer support in all the European markets as well as America and major countries worldwide.
* Launch of the Tetide collection to implement the identity of the tables, chairs and complementary items.
* 1997 Acquisition of the Geo Termoli manufacturing facility with 90 employees where 25,000 beds and chairs are produced
* Third expansion of the infrastructure in Camerano
* Sales reached 20 million Euro

The 2000's
The Bontempi Group now accounts for 6 facilities, 3 manufacturing plants with 450 employees, 9 product categories selling to over 4,000 clients within Italy and 2,500 clients world-wide
* Manfredonia manufacturing plant of 10,000 square meters and 70 employees opens its doors producing 230,000 chairs and 20,000 tables for the * medium-low price segment of the market under the brand INGENIA
* Acquisition of BIFLEX a 5,000 square meter facility with 70 employees for the production of medium-low price sofas
* Acquisition of the Ascoli Satiriano plant of 20,000 square meters and 80 employees manufacturing 12,000 sofas per year 
* Fourth expansion of the Camerano facility and Opening of the factory showroom

From 2000 to Now

* Introduction of the BontempiFlex for bed-slats and Matressess (2001)
* Introduction of the New bedroom Collection (2002)
* Introduction of the new INGENIA CASA Line (2004)
* Introduction of the new Bontempi Divani Line (2004)
* Expansion of the Research and Development division to 18 units

* Manon Bed, Net Chair, Zoom and Diesis Table bring success to the collection
* Advertising budget increases to 1.6 milion in Italy and 0.5 milion for the export
* Promotional incentives for the purchaser advertised in the major magazines accounts for euro 150,000
* Stand-alone Bontempi areas now in more then 500 centers
* Ancona Showroom opens 2005
* Los Angeles, Miami, Mosca, Seoul, Barcellona, Paris, Marsiglia opened with many other Bontempi Stores to come soon


Bontempi is becoming synonymous with contemporary home furnishings worldwide with a collection featuring continuous innovation positioned to satisfy the ever-growing demand of modern life styles.


Augment the value of our product for the consumer through continuous advancements in quality while maintaining a competitive price. 




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B 4 Living Spa
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