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Founded in 1981, Bross has always been known as a fresh and creative company, also attentive to detail and to the quality of its products. The attention to detail, the careful selection of materials and the love for wood are distinctive features of the company that was created to meet the specific requirement of the early '80s: qualify the production and the potential of the company in terms of aesthetics, functionality and technology.

The geographical location, inside what today is known as "Italian Chair District", helps to understand the origin and historical setting but does not exhaust the philosophy of Bross, which has gradually expanded its production on the basis of a wider design concept, in order to include in time different types of furniture. 
Chairs, tables, cabinets, containers and upholstered furniture are designed and manufactured combining industrial dynamics and ancient craft methods, which ensure a high degree of tailoring and a deep control over the process.The customization is in fact a real plus for Bross, able to satisfy customer needs in both residential and on the front of the contract.

The customization is in fact a real plus for Bross, able to satisfy customer needs in both residential and on the front of the contract. The provision for major international hotel chains, including Marriott, Hilton, W, Meridien, Sheraton, Westin, Relais & Chateaux, the important achievements in the world of naval contract and office, as well as the collaboration with leading names in the Italian design, have determined in time popularity of the brand. 
The initial success is linked to the creations of Ennio Arosio, Simonit and Del Piero and Studio Point; These collaborations were followed by others of equal importance, among those we can find the protagonists of the latest collections Enzo Berti, Giuseppe Bavuso, Marco Piva, Giulio Iacchetti and Luciano Marson.
Today Bross is facing a renewal phase to strengthen its "savoir faire", the careful attention to detail and the perfect combination between aesthetics and functionality. The exclusivity of the collections, in terms of quality, size and ergonomics confirm the values Made in Italy on which the company continues to invest focusing on trusted collaborators, designers of the extraordinary creative abilities and a team that works with great passion. Bross embodies not only a way to make and produce but also to think and imagine: It is the emblem of a timeless style, promoting a new concept of "classic", symbol of harmony between shapes and proportions. Balance of components and technological research, combined with craftsmanship, make the furniture of Bross like objects that look at quality, comfort and enhancement of material properties, going further than the simple trends. The result is a strong and accurate identity, designed to last.  





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