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Welcome to YASIN KAPLAN family. We are formed from 3 carpet manufacturing companies, 2 yarn manufacturer plants, and 1 exporter company. There are more than 1200 employees, in our factories. Only in our export department we have 15 skilled personals to serve to all our customers in the world. We are serving more than 60 countries, in various quality of carpets and rugs.
Our company, YASIN KAPLAN HALI A.S. ,  is one of the member of our group. We are known as FESTIVAL HALI. Because it is our brand name, and known not only in domestic market, but also all over the world.
We have over 30 year experience in carpet sector. We have more than 20 designers in only our factory’s design development department. In our group, we have more than 50. All machines used in the factory are new brand high technology Van de Wiele and Schönherr machines and for finishing line, ours are European made last technology machines. In Design department, we are using last version of software Ned Graphics and Texcell and high technology hardware. There is a system with barcode in each step of the production and storage steps. It is possible to control the stocks, warehouse and shipments online. Also it is possible to use the international barcoding system such as EAN Code, Code 128 etc or customized codes.
Only by this way, we can provide and serve to our clients about 40.000 sqm per day. And, only by this way, we are one the biggest carpet exporter in Turkey, and one of the best seller in domestic market.
Please roam in our web-site pages. You will find  a few ( about 200) designs and qualities from our endless design bank. We hope, you will enjoy this visit.


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