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Angora carpet, Şiveydinl began commercial life with traditional carpets and kilims by the family continued shuttle machines with single and double shuttle machine production of carpets. Search by carpet yarn production for a while, the family trade experiences in weaving and spinning in 2001, has brought the Angora Carpets brand combining advanced technology with the industry.

Our young management staff, researchers, high technology, followed by quality and highlighting identity, has been transformed into the character of the company, this vision As long as our company in the domestic and foreign markets have made the company a pioneer and followed. As a result, in 2001 750.000m2 / year as our starting production these days, as 35.000m2 closed area, 400 employees and 3.500.000M2 / year has reached the level. Leading the sector at all levels of our identity to be accepted given the power of responsibility and awareness, we continue our work with our first day's excitement.

From the date of our foundation, which aims to raise the standards of Turkish carpet industry, committed to customer satisfaction, quality and innovation as well as continuity in the foreground has aimed to Angola to increase the diversity of products and carpets spread.

We are as a manufacturer for the development of the carpet industry to contribute with creative ideas of our customers, our suppliers and our employees' satisfaction targets to maintain our unique pioneering and innovative service leader in our industry.



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