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MIRAGE - Classical Home Furniture - TURKEY

MIRAGE is active in the classical furniture industry and has a good reputation in the international market. It carries its aesthetic and high-quality approach to its products to the future by blending it with an architectural perspective and the competence of master craftsmen.
MIRAGE adopts a customer satisfaction-based operating principle and combines the new technologies with traditional production methods in the process from raw-materials supply to the end-user's experience, and aims to transform the use of high-quality products to a lifestyle.
The art hidden in the details of the hand-carved wooden products meets with the warm colors of select fabrics at MIRAGE, and the naturalness of wood is teased with the mysterious glimmer of gold and silver leaves. MIRAGE employs the limitless design ability of artistic spirit in its decoration works, and moves forward in steady steps towards becoming a worldwide brand.
The manufacture of designer products is carried out in 10.000 M2 area, with a high-quality product & high-quality raw materials approach.
Quality Control at each step of manufacture ensures that MIRAGE offers only high-quality products to its customers, and through the investments it has made in 2001, the polishing and upholstery lines have been reinforced and combined under the same roof.
In a process where conventional manufacture system meets new technology, the parts that constitute the product tree are modeled individually, molded, their rough processing is done by machines, and following the completion of their carving, decoration, etc. processes, the product is polished and delivered to the end-user.
Gold Leaf Work
Indispensable for classical furniture, lamination is achieved by swaging gold until it's paper-thin. Today, this process is carried out by cylinders, but in the past it was much harder.
The product to be laminated is cleaned out and its skeleton is revealed. Then, the chemical mixtures that are the basis of the lamination process are applied on the wood in five layers. To achieve minimum roughness on the surface, the wood is grinded first with rough, then with fine sandpaper. A red colored earth called Armenian bole or lambese is melted and the product is treated with this mixture. After it is dried, lamination with gold starts. The product is left to dry for a day, and it is polished with a tool called mazgala, made from jade stone and gold leaf is applied. The leaf-glue chemical is brushed on the surface and left to dry for a while. The dry product is polished and varnished.
The polishing workshop atMIRAGEtreats the wood-plated and lacquered products.
For the plated products as the plating is pressed, the necessary grinding procedures are carried out and an adequate amount of polish is applied to the surface. Then, after fine grinding, the last layer of polish is applied adequately and the product is left to dry. The varnish used in the first operation is also used for filling, and the later varnishes provide the final appearance.
MIRAGE believes that the long life of products is not a coincidence, and uses first rate materials with quality certificates in all its products. The design details that nature has generously provided and hid in the naturalness of wood, are revealed in all their reality by using high quality materials.



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