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Who We Are
Turkey’s first office chair manufacturer Bürosit produces furniture in its 27.000 m2 Bursa plant for all social spaces, including campuses, offices, shopping malls, cultural complexes, cinema halls and stadiums. OUR PRODUCTS
We continue to improve the quality of our materials, craftsmanship and production processes to meet global quality standards. Bürosit’s 360° furniture solutions reflect contemporary design trends. We continue to cater to changing tastes and functional demands in furnishing office space, campuses and other public spaces with our new products. As we diversify our product range, we continue to produce ergonomic office chairs with as much enthusiasm as we did when we started in 1989 because we still believe in the guiding premise of our very first product: a person cannot work efficiently on an uncomfortable office chair.
We market the Bürosit product range in 35 countries through our store network that consists of 16 Contract Stores and 50 Basic Stores in Turkey as well as 11 Stores abroad.

We translate our keen eye for customer needs and market demand into continual R&D and technological innovation. In 2011, we established theBürosit R&D Center where we continue to work on improving the quality and functionality of every component of Bürosit furniture to create happier work and social environments. 
We continue to expand our capabilities through R&D projects, carried out with the support of TÜBİTAK.

Thanks to Bürosit Project Department, we don’t offer just products but also value-added pre-sale and after-sales services. The Bürosit Project Departmentis here to listen to you, to understand your aesthetic, functional and budgetary concerns and to come up with practical solutions. We design and produce new products to answer to your special requirements and wishes.

As we meet the requirements of the 3 Year Guarantee offered with all our products, we measure and certify the quality and durability of each component in the Bürosit Test Laboratory, which meets EU quality standards for testing furniture. Thus, we can ensure that every part of each product -from the metal plating to the adjustable mechanism- conforms to the same high quality standard. 
We do not compromise our dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction because of our eye for detail in quality control and management procedures.

We continue to improve our production and R&D capacity with the experiences of Ermetal Group in the automotive industry. We have invested in automation and innovation ever since we started. In 2006, Bürosit adopted ‘Lean Production’ philosophy, which allows us to consume less of world’s limited resources, following the examples of other plants within Ermetal Group. As we increased the quality of the materials we used, we diminished their quantity, reducing raw material waste by 12 %.
In 1992, several of our products met the requirements of the GS certificate, a clear proof that Bürosit products' quality standard conforms to EU standards. In workplace safety, we follow rules and regulations to the letter, because we care about the health and wellbeing of our employees. As an exceptionally stable employer, we care more about a warm work environment then enforcing office hierarchy. Now, as part of the project we implement with EFQM(European Foundation for Quality Management), we continue to strive for excellence within the company feedback and improvement program.

1986 • We started the R&D to develop our first hydraulic suspension office chair model.
1989 • With the establishment of Bürosit, we started the mass production of hydraulic suspension office chairs in Turkey.
1990 • Our first store opened in Istanbul.
1992 • We established Bürosit Test Laboratory and qualified for the GS certificate. 
1992 • We started exporting Bürosit products. 
1992 • We took part in Bruno Furniture Fair in Czech Republic.
1994 • We took part in Orgatec, the most important European office furniture fair, in Germany.
1995 • We moved into our new 10.000 m2 plant.
1997 • We organized the production in an assemble line. 
1997 • Our sister company, Plasmot Plastic Factory started producing the plastic parts we use in our furniture.
1998 • We started producing conference and cinema hall chairs.
2003 • With further investments, Bürosit Test Laboratory met EU standards. 
2003 • We expanded into Asian markets.
2005 • We founded a fully automated Metal Plating Workshop with a waste treatment process that conforms to EU Environmental Regulations.
2006 • We reorganized the assembly lines in Bürosit plants according to Lean Production principles. As part of this process, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Bülent Durmuşoğlu from Istanbul Technical University became a Lean Production consultant and trainer.
2007 • We started producing office sofas and armchairs. 
2007 • With the move of sales and marketing departments to the company headquarters in Bursa, we integrated management, production and marketing processes. As a result, we focused on client needs and preferences, sales, after sales services and customer satisfaction. 
2007 • We received the Golden Brand Award from Tüm Tüketicileri Koruma Derneği (Association for the Protection of Consumer Rights).
2008 • We started to produce the designs of French brand SOKOA in Turkey, and began marketing m in Turkey and MENA region.
2010 • We restructured our quality management process with the integration of customer complaints and feedback by adopting a custom software program. 
2010 • We took part in Orgatec for the second time.
2011 • Started producing office furniture such as tables and storage units. 
2011 • We established Bürosit Project Department. 
2011 • We started cooperation with the Spanish JG Group.
2012 • Bürosit R&D Center started a TÜBİTAK-backed R & D project to developed new quality test procedures for furniture. In this 24-month-long project, Bürosit developed new equipment and processes to perform furniture ergonomics and endurance tests. 
2012 • We introduced C-Gex Automatic Upholstery Machines. Another step in the automation of our assembly lines, these machines helped us automate another manual labor-intensive process. 
2013 • We started a corporate excellence program with the EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management). In November 2013, we received the EFQM Committed to Excellence Certificate. 
2013 • We introduced Bürosit Contract resellers. 
2013 • The former Minister of Economy Zafer Çağlayan organized a press conference with Hotspot, a table developed with the R&D support of Bürosit by the senior students of the Industrial Design Department of Middle East Technical University. 
2013 • We opened a Bürosit Showroom in Sulaymaniyah, North Iraq.
2014 • We participated at the Educashow Education Fair that took place between May 29 – June 1 at Istanbul Trade Fair Center. 
2014 • We increased the wooden furniture production capacity by 30 %. 
2014 • We launched 27 improvement projects as part of our EFQM commitment to excellence program.



Bürosit Headquarters:
Demirtaş Organize Sanayi Bölgesi,
1. Nilüfer Sokak No:5
Osmangazi, 16369



+90 (224) 280 2000

+90 (224) 280 2000